Assessment of Pb and Ni contamination in the topsoil of ring roads' green spaces in the city of Hamadan

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of the Environment, College of Basic Sciences, Hamedan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Hamedan, Iran


Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization, environmental pollution has become a major concern in developing countries; therefore, the main objective of the current study is to determine heavy metal contents of Pb, and Ni for 42 topsoil samples, collected from 14 green spaces along the 1st and 2nd ring roads in Hamedan City in 2016. For this purpose, after determining some chemical properties as well as acid digestion of soil samples, Pb and Ni concentrations have been found in the soil samples with ICP-OES. All statistical analyses have been conducted, using SPSS 18.0 statistical package, with the results showing that the metal levels in soil samples, collected from green space of 1st and 2nd ring road, have been 34.86±10.28 and 41.57±10.08 mg/kg for Pb and 14.0-20.33 and 14.0-20.0 mg/kgfor Ni, respectively. Also the mean concentration of Pb and Ni have been lower than MPL. According to heavy metal concentration maps, the spatial distribution patterns of Pb, and Ni contents in the soil samples are generally similar along the 1st and 2nd ring road. Due to the fact that traffic volume in the 2nd ring was higher than the 1st one, there has been a significant difference in the mean contents of Pb between the topsoil samples, collected from the 1st and 2nd ring roads; therefore, it is recommended to keep environmental health in order to control the anthropogenic sources, causing the pollutants discharge into the environment is recommended.


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