What are publication fees?

POLLUTION does not charge authors for any fees. However, Iranian authors should pay 7200000 Rials.

Do authors from low- and middle-income countries need to pay?

Authors from any country will not be asked to pay any publication fees.

How do I submit my paper for review, or for publication?

See guide for authors in the first page of journal.

I am about to submit my paper for publication and it is in FrameMaker. Is this acceptable? What other formats may I submit my paper in?

All manuscript should be submitted in "word format".

What are the acceptable formats for submitting graphics for my paper?

POLLUTION accepts Word, and Excel files for graphics submission. High-resolution JPGs are acceptable for photos only. We encourage authors to submit color photos and graphics.

What are the criteria for publication in "Pollution" journal?

POLLUTION journal publishes original articles on the basis that they are technically sound and scientifically valid, and papers are peer reviewed on these criteria. The importance of an article is determined by its readership after publication.

Does the journal offer advertising opportunities?

Not at this moment.

How is the journal financially supported?

Pollution is supported by the funds received from University of Tehran and also the fees received from Iranian authors.

Is POLLUTION an ISI Journal?

Yes, POLLUTION is indexed in Web of Science since the very first issue of the year 2017 (volume 3, Issue 1, 2017)