Solute Transport for Pulse Type Input Point Source along Temporally and Spatially Dependent Flow

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Mathematics & Astronomy, Lucknow University, Lucknow - 226007, U.P., India.


In the present study, analytical solutions are obtained for two-dimensional advection dispersion equation for conservative solute transport in a semi-infinite heterogeneous porous medium with pulse type input point source of uniform nature. The change in dispersion parameter due to heterogeneity is considered as linear multiple of spatially dependent function and seepage velocity whereas seepage velocity is nth power of spatially dependent function. Two forms of the seepage velocity namely exponentially decreasing and sinusoidal form are considered. First order decay and zero order production are also considered. The geological formation of the porous medium is considered of heterogeneous and adsorbing nature. Domain of the medium is uniformly polluted initially. Concentration gradient is considered zero at infinity. Certain new transformations are introduced to transform the variable coefficients of the advection diffusion equation into constant coefficients. Laplace Transform Technique (LTT) is used to obtain analytical solutions of advection-diffusion equation. The solutions in all possible combinations of temporally and spatially dependence dispersion are demonstrated with the help of graphs.


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