Author = Reagan Bessong Agbor
Bioremediation: Assessment of Growth Attributes of Maize (ZEA MAYS) on Crude oil-Polluted Soils

Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 45-62


Reagan Bessong Agbor; Eno Ndarake Asuquo; Ettah Akpang Ivon; Simon Alain Ellen

Enhanced Microbial and Total petroleum hydrocarbon degradation in Crude-Oil Polluted Soils using Agro-Wastes

Volume 9, Issue 4, October 2023, Pages 1741-1753


Reagan Bessong Agbor; Ndem Eyogor Edu; Eno Ndarake Asuquo; Etta Akpang Ivon; Simon Alain Inah; Obase-Etta Bebia