Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2021, Pages 257-494 
3. The Impact of RDF Valorization on the Leachate Quality and on Emissions from Cement Kiln (Case Study of a Region in Morocco)

Pages 293-307


Abdellah Ouigmane; Otmane Boudouch; Aziz Hasib; Omar Ouhsine; El Hassan Abba; Rima J. Isaifan; Mohamed Berkani

4. Efficacy of Photocatalytic HEPA Filter on Reducing Bacteria and Fungi Spores in the Presence of UVC and UVA Lights

Pages 309-319


Tahereh Mousavi; Farideh Golbabaei; Mehrdad Helmi Kohneshahri; Mohammad Reza Pourmand; Sassan Rezaie; Mostafa Hosseini; Ali Karimi

7. Batch and Column Studies on Nickle and Cadmium Removal Using Iranian Clay-based Geopolymer

Pages 341-354


Somayeh Bakhtiari; Asma Zeidabadinejad; Hanieh Abbaslou; Alireza Ghanizadeh

16. Water Quality Assessment in Urban Wetlands and Suitability for Fish Habitat: A Case Study

Pages 457-467


Arohi Dixit; Neelam Siva Siddaiah; Jogindar Singh Chauhan; Waseem Ullah Khan