Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 4, October 2016, Pages 375-508 
2. Status and preparation of prediction models for ozone as an air pollutant in Shiraz, Iran

Pages 387-397


Masoud Masoudi; Fatemeh Ordibeheshti; Neda Rajaipoor; Mohammad Sakhaei

3. Status and evaluation of the selected soil nutrients irrigated by unconventional water (Case study: Qom)

Pages 399-409


Mina Arast; Gholamreza Zehtabian; Mohammad Jafari; Hassan Khosravi; Bahareh Jabalbarezi

4. Seasonal variability in water chemistry and sediment characteristics of intertidal zone at Karnafully estuary, Bangladesh

Pages 411-423


Debbrota Mallick; Md. Islam; Avijit Talukder; Shamindra Mondal; Md. Al-Imran; Satchidananda Biswas

5. Public health risk assessment of chromium intake from vegetable grown in the wastewater irrigated site in Bangladesh

Pages 425-432


Fahad Ahmed; Md. Shakhaoat Hossain; Abu Tareq Abdullah; Md. Ahedul Akbor; Md. Aminul Ahsan

9. Short-term prediction of atmospheric concentrations of ground-level ozone in Karaj using artificial neural network

Pages 475-488


Gholamreza Asadollahfardi; Mojtaba Tayebi Jebeli; Mahdi Mehdinejad; Mohammad Javad Rajabipour