Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2017, Pages 175-348 
Capabilities of data assimilation in correcting sea surface temperature in the Persian Gulf

Pages 273-283

10.7508/pj.2017.02. 009

Mahmud Reza Abbasi; Vahid Chegini; Masoud Sadrinasab; Seyed Mostafa Siadatmousavi

Investigation on metals (V, Ni, and Fe) accumulation in the collection site of oil sludge

Pages 325-331

10.7508/pj.2017.02. 013

Shahram Parvin; Azamalsadat Hosseini Alhashemi; Mohammad Sadegh Sekhavatjou

Identification of the sources of dust storms in the City of Ahvaz by HYSPLIT

Pages 341-348

10.7508/pj.2017.02. 015

Parya Broomandi; Bahram Dabir; Babak Bonakdarpour; Yousef Rashidi