Keywords = air pollution
Number of Articles: 18
1. Investigation of Suspended Particle Concentrations (PM10, PM2.5, TSP) in Tehran Subway Line one Stations in the Spring and Autumn

Volume 7, Issue 3, Summer 2021, Pages 669-680


Zahra Sadat Mousavi Fard; Hassan Asilian Mahabadi; Farahnaz Khajehnasiri

4. Emissions and Fuel Life Cycle Assessment of Non-passenger Diesel Vehicles in Qatar

Volume 6, Issue 4, Autumn 2020, Pages 705-723


H. Al-Thani; S. Al-Ghamdi; M. Koc; R. j. Isaifan

6. Overall D. melanogaster Cohort Viability as A Pollution Indicator of the Atmospheric Air of Urban Landscapes

Volume 6, Issue 2, Spring 2020, Pages 307-323


S. S. Rudenko; U. V. Leheta; V. P. Rudenko; S. S. Kostyshyn; V. D. Bialyk

8. Carbon Monoxide Prediction in the Atmosphere of Tehran Using Developed Support Vector Machine

Volume 6, Issue 1, Winter 2020, Pages 43-57


A. Akbarzadeh; M. R. Vesali Naseh; M. NodeFarahani

10. The Study of CO Symptoms' Impacts on Individuals, Using GIS and Agent-based Modeling (ABM)

Volume 5, Issue 3, Summer 2019, Pages 463-471


S. H. jalali; A. R. vafaeinejad; H. aghamohammadi; M. Esmaeili Bidhendi

11. Influential Factors of Air Pollution Awareness in Isfahan, Iran

Volume 5, Issue 2, Spring 2019, Pages 247-256


F. Yazdanibakhsh; E. Salehi; E. Faham; M. M. Amin

13. An Innovative Method to Allocate Air-Pollution-Related Taxes, Using Aermod Modeling (case study: Besat Power Plant).

Volume 4, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Pages 281-290


Mahsa Tamjidi; Yousef Rashidi; Farideh Atabi; parya broomandi

14. Status and preparation of prediction models for ozone as an air pollutant in Shiraz, Iran

Volume 2, Issue 4, Autumn 2016, Pages 387-397


Masoud Masoudi; Fatemeh Ordibeheshti; Neda Rajaipoor; Mohammad Sakhaei

15. Short-term prediction of atmospheric concentrations of ground-level ozone in Karaj using artificial neural network

Volume 2, Issue 4, Autumn 2016, Pages 475-488


Gholamreza Asadollahfardi; Mojtaba Tayebi Jebeli; Mahdi Mehdinejad; Mohammad Javad Rajabipour